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District 18

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Our Purpose:

To facilitate communications among Democratic elected officials, precinct officials, coordinators and the citizens of the 18th Legislative District; to enable its members to have a greater role in party affairs and to promote the objectives of the Democratic Party.

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Last updated: September 22, 2008
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By authority of DIstrict 18 Democratic Caucus, Dee Schofield, Chair
Upcoming Events 

See Calendar for the full schedule of Caucus Meetings for the rest of the Caucus' operating year.

Caucus Fundraiser - Looking Under the TARP - Sunday, April 19 at 4100 Thornapple, Chevy Chase.  Come hear Damon Silvers, AFL-CIO Associate General Counsel and member of the Troubled Asses Relief Program (TARP) discuss the latest on the $700 billion rescue.

Next Caucus Meeting - The next District 18 Caucus meeting will include the Annual Caucus elections.  The meeting will be at 7:30 on Sunday, May 17.  The location is yet to be determined but will be announced to the caucus here and through the caucus listserv.

Caucus Elections - Carole Brand, Chair, and the members of the 2009 Caucus Nominating Committee have issued their Call for Nominations for Officers and two members of the board for the Caucus.  The Call was sent to the Caucus members on the Caucus mailing list.  It is also available here.  You can also download the Caucus nomination form here.  Consider nominating yourself or another Caucus member.  The Call Memo tells you where to send nominations.

Volunteer - Make a Difference
Mike McCurry, Chief of Staff to former President Bill Clinton, with Sheldon Fishman, recent Past Chair of the District 18 Caucus, at the Caucus' Third Annual Fundraiser.  In his keynote address, Mike talked about his vision for Democratic success in the upcoming elections and the importance of local activism.
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